layered photo taken from iamwarface's music video "closer"

IAMWARFACE ~ Closer [2⊘18]

She wields her secrets with a lustful passion, a carnal pleasure-plaything ill-matched and inhuman. A sultry-siren Molotov cocktail of combustible liquid ice, overflowing with preternatural beauty and grace enough to lure the soon-to-be soulless to her Stygian rocks, forlorn.

His life, forfeit, bereft of soul, he struggles with his ebbing courage, grip loosening as her noose tightens.

“Who, who am I? I’m just living to die,
This old night, When it comes,
I’ll be free, Of these old bones”

IAMWARFACE are the criminally lesser-known Matt Warneford (lead vocals, songwriter), Adam Stanley (drums), Lou Matthews (guitar), Mike Smith (bass), and Tom Howe (synths), who together erupt with such a driving intensity of brutal-rude, shimmer and sparkle so as to have their sound branded “Rocktronica“. And while this track may be more subdued by their standards, it just artfully compresses its power in undulating waves of slow deep expression and diminished chord-broken solos risen stark crescendos, fallen angels reborn.

a dark photo of the band iamwarface


When frontman Matt Warneford was asked about his video workflow by Christina Angrabeit, he stated, “So basically my videos start with a rough image in my head of what I want to portray. Then working with Yohan Forbes, we generally flesh out a rough workprint and just go for it. I prefer the guerrilla style of filmmaking. Some of the best stuff is as a result of happy accidents.“ This video perhaps portraying a primal sexuality, unforced but evident, replete with the Devil’s darling mesmeric and sinuous she-demon weaving her spell on a familiar victim, a beautiful if darkly talented artisan.

“Every day is just like the last,
I feel I’m walking on shattered glass,
This romance just has to end,
To reset, erase, begin again”

With a heartfelt abandon, our hero will again be left insensible, but far closer.


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