MISSIO ~ #gimmeakiss [2⊘22]

Walked through the spiked punch bowl just to slide down the nice-and-spicy backside of the pleasure-packing party favor without regard for the big booty mess of branded-tan friendly faces lined up at the long john waiting for the pleasure of a load-lightening zippity doo dah only to chug-a-lug mug over at the kitty kill-me-softly keg with Brawny Apple-Spice my most hated nemesis and bestest friend.

“Talk shit and I write hits,
There’s nothing I can do about it,
Stoner, pretty big loner,
There’s nothing I can do about it”

First introduced by fellow blogger and wordsmith EclecticMusicLover with an all-out passion for the band and several featured posts, Austin, Texas-based MISSIO (Latin for “mission”) was chosen as a name by band leader Mathew Brue (singer/songwriter) as inspired by the words “All are from the dust, and to the dust all return.’ “MISSIO seeks purity in broken things through minimalistic songwriting.

Began as a solo project outlet for Brue’s songwriting, he quickly found unexpected success and evolved with the addition of friend David Butler (producer/instrumentalist). “Their brand of electro-pop fades deftly between brooding dirges and moments of complete exuberance, while always maintaining an edge of authenticity in their lyrics.“, shared Culturecollide.com.

Dancehall freaky footwork to crimson backdrop, the shadow players wildly whirl with a vivid pleasure driven by a near-feral aural art; a shared love at once deftly unfettered and loosed upon the world with carefree confidence.

“Stop now, gimme a hit,
Let’s dance in real-time,
Moving whatcha got, lose control,
Dance to the beat of your foot on the dashboard”

There has become an incredible comfort found in molding a blank canvas into a piece of art that (is found) to be extraordinarily beautiful.” “May you hear these songs and be inspired to find purity in the things that are broken.” [Brue on Last.fm]

“Get down, motherfucker,
Gimme a kiss, woo!”

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