Baby Strange ~ More! More! More! [2⊘2⊘]

More! More! More! Is a slice of relentless punk noise, and it’s fiercely lovable. Catch your breath before you press play, because you’ll be knocked flat in seconds by riffs, infectious hooks and an impossibly inviting beat. Just in time for Halloween (2020), Baby Strange unleash their first piece of ‘Evil Art’ after signing to Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art, and it’s devilishly good.”

“Is it funny like a ha-ha?
Spent all your money, now your nose is bloody,
One day it’s gonna crush ya,
The walls are paper thin.

Now, that’s what I call music!

Matching immensely creative songwriting with tight, highly-strung musicianship, Baby Strange are the criminally underknown trio of friends from north Glasgow, Scotland, formed in 2012. “Creating Baby Strange was a great way to show off our creative side which we didn’t have the opportunity to do beforehand,” says frontman Johnny Madden, as this band seems committed to bringing their contemporary punk to the nation. Additionally, a unique feature of Baby Strange is that the recording, video(ing), and artwork are all works done by the band members themselves. []

And so it begins in a cacophonous Wall of Sound that would make Phil Spektor rise and dance proudly from his grave, then faded quickly to a measured, layered conversation between vocals and instrumentation until again spurring their heels, stirring the pot forward, and in reverse.  “More! More! More!” is as anthemic as it is raw. It sees vocalist and guitarist Johnny Madden reflecting upon time spent listening through “paper thin walls” to house parties fuelled by class A’s and terrible music. []

… instead of naivety, nostalgia, and idealisation of these messy nights, Baby Strange reflect with a refreshingly disparaging attitude towards ‘a generation that’s stuck in its ways’. Vocalist Johnny Madden delivers lyrics about losing all your money and getting in fights with unimpressed scorn, eyebrows raised as he barrels into a chorus that pleads ‘you better take control.’

“Is it funny like a ha-ha?
You spent all your money, now your nose is bloody,
You’re moving in the wrong direction,
You’re gonna lose control”


Baby Strange’s

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