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DeathbyRomy – I Don’t Believe in Anything [2⊘22]

Entropy: ĕn′trə-pē : a measure of the disorder, chaos, or randomness in a closed system coined from a Greek word for transformation with far-reaching implications and far-ranging applications in chemistry and physics, in cosmology, economics, sociology, weather science, climate change, and information systems. And music.

“i wAs fiVE yeArs Old wHen i fIrSt quEStioNEd the vaLue of mY lIfe
i dON’t kNoW whY The iGnOrAnT bliSS mOst KIds eXPeRienCe FulLy mIssEd mE, bUt It diD”

Entropy is fittingly the title of DeathbyRomy’s third album after Songs For My Funeral and (original sin) Monsters. Its songs are a Pandora’s box of lock-down knock-out bone-crunchy marrow-tastiness. An audio smorgasbord of closed-system cosmic proportions created to destroy any semblance of pablum-atic reality you may have simple-simon dreamed of.

“mY MOTHer waS DrOppiNG me OfF aT thE SCHooLyArD
wHEn i aSkEd HER iF i waS A misTaKe
i COuLD telL i dISturBEd HeR”

DeathbyRomy in stark black and white and white skin


Perhaps ironically, Romy Flores’ sound blossomed on album Entropy after dropping her major label over artistic differences. After working with innumerous creative producers. After internally quantifying her artistic self-worth above that of simple corporate profits. Here, alone, the soft-spoken fire-immolated banshee stokes the flames of an anti-faith anthem to the disbelievers, the doubters, and the cynics. A gift of certitude in nothing.

“By The tiME i wAs tWelvE i Was fuLly conVinCEd i waNtEd tO Die
i SaW nO loVe oR bEAUTy In AnYtHiNg
My rEfleCTiON diSGuSteD mE aNd aLl i hAd weRe BAD thOuGHts noW”

Name DeathbyRomy comes from Flores’s past struggle with suicidal tendencies and is an attempt at “claiming personal love”. Now, she is a shining example of glorious art through fortitude, a chaos bound and beaten to submission in virtue.

“PLeAsE forGIVE mE mAma
i KNOW tHaT It KiLLed YOu inSIdE
yOUr teArS WEreN’t fOr nOtHinG
I’m having the time of my life.”



Quotes are taken from DeathbyRomy’s song “I Was Rather Disappointed
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8 thoughts on “DeathbyRomy – I Don’t Believe in Anything [2⊘22]

  1. Cool song and video. I never heard of Death By Romy. I’ll have to explore more songs. I also Googled what “romy” means and it’s so fitting to the video. Thank you!

    1. I didn’t think to check for her name meaning, lol. And spot on you are. Name Romy is the short-name for “Rosemary” and means “Dew of the Sea”. So beautiful, thank you for sharing that insight, Maryanne! 🙏

  2. I commented on your post a couple of days ago, Rann. Did it go to your spam folder, or perhaps, fall into WordPress’s black hole? 🖤

  3. I agree with Maryanne above—cool song and video. And, I also, had never heard of DeathbyRomy before you spotlighted her here. Sounds as if she had a troubled life, which as we already know, often leads to great art. I listened to a few more of her songs, and although she’s not my cup of tea, I appreciate her talent. 🖤

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