Gentle Ropes ~ Oči (Eyes) (❤ua) [2⊘22]

Native Kyivian, Serj Kost of Gentle Ropes penned Oči (Eyes) with references to The Smiths songs Still Ill and There is a Light That Never Goes Out. This, the first single from his upcoming album Control (to be released May 6th, 2022), is one of only two native-tongue tracks on the album and the first to be released as a single. The new album, “(is) about love, war, and self-digging,” shared Serj.

Oči (Eyes), perchance a song of wondered love twinkling-brilliance within a veil of darkness. The light-born shadows swirling and arresting in gaze, as secreted truths scatter to blind and obscure.

Your eyes will tell me (Tvoї oči rozkažut’ meni),
They can’t say everything (Vse ščo vusta skazaty ne možut),
What are you hiding from me (Ščo pryhovuješ vid mene),
I will see it in your eyes (Ja pobaču u tvoїh očah)

Bellissima 💗 (Beautiful)“, says YouTube commenter Giuseppe Annicella

While my country is struggling with russian (sic) occupants, I can’t return home. I had the opportunity to leave Ukraine due to my invalidity. I left my home with a small backpack with a laptop and a few microphones, all my instruments and studio equipment left there, and I don’t know if I’ll ever see it again,” Serj explained. Further stating, “I want that my compatriots that are sitting in shelters didn’t forget to love and help each other. We have already shown the world that we are a strong nation despite everything. So keep yourself and your close people safe.”

We’ll meet under the iron bridge
(My zustrinemos‘ pid zaliznym mostom),
Let’s see the light that never goes out

(Pobačymo svitlo, ščo nikoly ne zgasne),
I’ll save you all my kisses

(Ja zalyšu tobi vsi cilunky svoї)

A penetrating love song exposing hidden truths. A self-assured stare, pregnant with purpose. One’s journey over waves of blissful kaleidoscopic synth through a chorus of gentle voices obscured, but still inviting… challenging.

Never and nowhere I’ll go (Nikoly, nikudy vže ne pidu)

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  • Thanks to Dark Life Experience’s blog for reference to this track []

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