The Foreign Resort ~ Flushed [2⊘14]

Be aware, this video is Fifty Shades of immoderate-immodesty (sans safe-word) that while fully embodying our post-punk audiosphere, may be more thoroughly enjoyed by adults with whipsawed sexual proclivities…

“You crawl into my night, seeping,
No one ever falls,
Nothing ever fails”

Born of Copenhagen, Denmark, The Foreign Resort is comprised of the three Danes, Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen (vocals and guitar), Henrik Fischlein (guitar), and Morten Hansen (drums and vocals). Their sound deliciously-described as having “… intricately balanced an international sound with songs that instill contradictory feelings of melancholy and bliss … a journey through passages of textured layers with haunting and dreamy vocals, to echoes and pulsations of overdriven guitars, powerful drumming, driving bass, and intense thematic melodic lines … an aural rollercoaster of emotional intensity.” The parent album, appropriately named New Frontiers, having been produced by John Fryer of Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, and PJ Harvey production fame. []

The Foreign Resort has rigorously toured since 2010, playing 500+ shows

You crawl into my bed, sleeping,
Lasting it all,
Asking for my love

An arrangement of ProDomme contrapolar-stimulation in rhythmic clamor awash with groaning chords donning droning voices resplendently. A diminutive dominatrix’s inversely-proportional power bolsters the strained-angsty dungeon scene. A Dominance/submission dance culminating in shoegazy-guitars mated with wall-of-sound euphoric synths in vainglorious strobe-raging ecstasy.

An impact-play of explosive need, reborn.

“It’s all like a dream,
But lasting forever”


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