Coatie Pop ~ City Song ft. Nameless Shufflers [2⊘22]

Published Dark Beauty, Courtney, and her partner Watkins are band Coatie Pop, the duo delivering up an “ethereal trip-hop post-punk grunge rave” from the graffitied streets of New York City. Deathbed, their 2022 debut release, is a collection of deeply-moody tuneage reminiscent of Love Spirals Downwards meets Tones On Tail with a spritz of Sneaker Pimps for added zest.

“Two nights spent out loud
If you wanna get up, then you gotta get down
I’d do anything to get out of this town
But I can’t leave”

Artist Courtney sharing Hardcore Anarchy in a candid moment

Their music is a brilliant example of the happily-resurgent “No Wave” with origins in, “(the) performance art, video art, and contemporary art scene that had its beginnings during the late 1970s through the mid-1980s in downtown New York City…” “The term ‘no wave’ in part a punk subculture satirical wordplay rejecting the commercial elements of the then (wildly) popular new wave genre.” ( The sound at once a merging of “noise, dissonance and atonality… The No Wave scene often reflected an abrasive, confrontational and nihilistic worldview.” (

“Six feet underground
I gotta stay up so I don’t breakdown
I’d do anything to dig out of this ground
But I can’t see”

This album feels like the romance between me and my shadow self,” says Courtney. “Most of what was written here was born out of my down emotions.” ( “I am moved by the kinds of tragic stories that keep my TV on at night. I express my fears through haunting melodies and hold on to the ideas that stream from my subconscious after I’ve drank too much coffee.” (

Courtney, Watkins, and their entourage in a shadowy NYC graffitied alleyway serve up a powerfully catchy cocktail of visual/musical splendor. The bouncy bass with shoe-shuffling kicks above atmospheric dirge-drowning pads invites a shimmering rain of arpeggiated synth below hauntingly angelic vocals. Everything is perfectly honed-hypnotic to addict one with opium-like precision, and intention.

“In this city, I die”

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