Final Body ~ Lose Health [2⊘19]

Imagine aimfully wandering around your city, your home, a translucency overlooked in a topsy-turvy world unwished for and in forceful denial of the fleshly. Yet you, still brim with love, actively seeking and praying for that which would resolve your soulful dilemma.

“Let me know that you notice me…”

Seattle bandmates Scott Helgasson (vocals/keys), Taylor McDermott (bass), Tyler Caldwell (drums), and Nathan Swain (guitar) are Final Body that shines black-bleak-brilliant in this masterpiece of post-punk gothic art. “We decided on the name Final Body because we loved the idea of reincarnating to the point where you understand that this will be your final life on Earth. It’s the idea that this painful meat suit we lug around will be your final vessel to traverse our little planet.

Their premier album Nothyng, released in 2019. “Although the title is ambiguous, it seems to reflect the sense of an inner void that permeates through the album.

Throbbing punchy bass, spirited drums, and an anemic guitar hauntingly secreting tears while keyboards splay glorious heartfelt abandon. The chorus, a cutting-caterwauling narrative of a passed/past one, far away yet nearly at hand. A touching dissonance that digs under the skin for the reflexive love it requires.

As a matter of fact I reached her,
As a matter of fact I’m in hell,
Provided by distance,
As a matter of fact I lose health

Final Body tends to be fueled by working through pain and turning negative thoughts and feelings into songs you want to move around to.

It’s design.

  • Quotes from Tzina Dovve’s excellent interview at

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