Sleep Party People ~ I’m Not Human At All [2⊘1⊘]

“It’s not your fault,
It’s my own fault,
I’m not human at all,
I have no heart”

“This song really resonates with me on a spiritual level. As someone with autism and a difficulty to bond with others I sometimes feel like I’m not human. Hardly anything brings me strong emotion and even if I do feel emotion it’s sudden, extreme, and too much for me to handle. This song helps me not feel as bad about myself.”
~ Spoiled Pasta

Whoa, looks like my sleep paralysis demons have formed a band, good for them.
~ Howl

“It’s not my fault,
It’s your own fault,
I’m not human at all,
I have no heart”

“I drink and dance alone to this song in my room , it just makes me feel so free on this plane of existence, therapy when I just need to feel something , when numbness starts getting to me .”
~ Lovable quiet

This song is so trippy, ethereal and otherworldly. I have the same thoughts every time I listen to it. Imagine every human could pick 1 song that automatically starts playing inside your mind as you’re dying. As your body is shutting down, the song kicks in and it’s the last thing you hear before your heart stops.”
~ CurvyAries

It’s my own fault,
It’s not my fault,
I’m not human at all,
I have no heart

“I have a feeling that only a few people have listened to this millions of times…”
~ Divided_Kingdom

“I love how the song cuddles with you for a bit afterwards, instead of just putting its clothes on and leaving.”
~ Justice

Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.
~ Phil Donahue


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  • Quotes vivisected raw from YouTube’s comments section
  • International list of Suicide Crisis/Prevention hotlines care of

4 thoughts on “Sleep Party People ~ I’m Not Human At All [2⊘1⊘]

  1. honestly, i came across this song in 2020, and it makes me forget everything for awhile. me finding this was the best thing to happen to me.

    1. I’ve never found anything quite like it. And yes, it gets under my skin too. Not in a bad way, but in a kind of eerily soothing way… It makes for good bedtime music for me, as I believe I die each night and am reborn each morning. Thanks for sharing. 💀

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