In This Moment ~ Witching Hour [2⊘22]

In folklore, “The Witching Hour” (between 3 and 4 AM) is considered a time of night associated with supernatural events whereby witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and be at their most powerful. The phrase began at least as early as 1775, in the poem “Night, an Ode.” by Rev. Matthew West. However, its origins may go further back to 1535 when the Catholic Church prohibited activities during this timeframe due to emerging fears about witchcraft in Europe and so as better to track those deviances. This hour is also referred to as “The Devil’s Hour” because it is a mocking inversion of the time Jesus supposedly died, which was 3 PM. []

I can see the way you look at me,
You can’t see beyond the veil,
I can tell the way you run from me,
I’m not your perfect fairy tale

In This Moment are a North Hollywood, Los Angelean band began in 2005 by Maria Brink (lead singer, piano) and Chris Howorth (lead guitar, backing vocals). Known initially as Dying Star, they quickly changed their name as part of an adjustment in their musical direction. Both their lineup and sound have also changed throughout the intervening years with their line-up currently including founding members Brink and Howorth with Travis Johnson (bass, backing vocals), Randy Weitzel (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Kent Dimmel (drums). Their music has been described as alternative metal, metalcore, hard rock, melodic metalcore, gothic metal, pop metal, industrial metal, nu metal, heavy metal, pop rock, industrial, gothic rock, and to have incorporated post-hardcore, screamo, alternative rock, and arena rock. Their listed influences include PanteraBlack SabbathMetallicaSlayerSepulturaIron MaidenJudas Priest, WhitesnakeRattMötley CrüeDeftonesNirvanaDead Can Dance, and M83. []

More recently, the band has been under fire for difficulties in procuring their live concerts, though notably, these have not been the easiest of times to deliver live concerts either. By all accounts, if you are lucky enough to attend one of their performances, you will be in for a treat of breathtaking backdrops, poignant storylines, curious costumes, and of course magnificent musicianship, enough so that the overall experience is oft-stated to be truly unforgettable.

Witching Hour” is as a potion that vacillates between simmering concoctions of insidious bass guitar, bubbling synths, and gentle toe-tapping snare-sauce stirred to boiling conflagrations born of soaring vocals delivered with a conviction and fortitude worthy of their innocent’s pleas. Fellow blogger and serial interview insider, Ray Van Horn, Jr., said of the track, “A triple dog dare is issued to the pop world to match one of the cleverest songs on this album … with its electro-surf groove and subtle wafts of 007-strutting guitar knocks behind Maria Brink‘s humid glides.” []

“Conflicted by your hurt,
So let me share your pain,
Convicted for my church,
I was born in flames”

Interestingly, none of those accused at the Salem Witch Trials were actually burned at the stake as popularly believed. Instead, in accordance with English law, 19 were taken to the infamous Gallows Hill and hung until dead, with the final 20th, a man, being “pressed” to death under stones for refusing to enter a plea. All these needless deaths brought on by religious mumbo-jumbo and a group of young girls exhibiting disturbing “fits” accompanied by seizures, violent contortions, and bloodcurdling screams in January of 1692. The children would be medically-diagnosed as being victims of black magic. []

Addicted to my fate,
Watch as I devour,
Convicted for my faith,
This is the Witching Hour!”
(Burn the Witch)


In This Moment’s

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  1. I had a great interview with Maria a few years ago and always pull for this band. As a practicing Wicca having made the pilgrimage to Salem with my high priestess fiancee, yes, the burnings were contained to England and Europe, and those accused of witchcraft in the United States were mostly off-base. Tragic, witch or non, most being victimized by childish tween accusory. A bullshit way of life. Blessed be.

    1. Amen. Glorious be your interview. I added a paragraph to this post to describe the song and link your review and quote. My first wife was a practicing Wiccan and I swear that the woman I would later fall head-over-heels for MUST have been proficiently Wiccan… 😁🙏

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