Photo of Ductape bandmember Çağla Güleray bathed in black/red light from music video Kara Buyu.

Chemical Waves ~ Kara Büyü (Black Magic) ft. Ductape [2⊘22]

Roman darkwave/coldwave project Chemical Waves guitarist Marco Cattani collaborated with previously featured band Ductape (see track Sevmiyor) to create Kara Büyü, a favorite from his fourth album ‘I (When We Were Full Of Hope)’. Says Marco in his interview with White Light // White Heat, “Over the years I have developed an attitude that has led me to love cold sounds and dark atmospheres, chords in a minor key, and all those plots that bring the simple listening of a song to a deeper level. Listening to music is very different from hearing music.”

i have eyes on me lurking in the shadows,
i hear whispers, my heart is suddenly pounding”

Two photos of Chemical Waves bandmember Marco Cattani superimposed on each other with the band's logo CW in the lower-right corner.

Chanted by Çağla Güleray of Ductape, Kara Büyü exudes namesake Black Magic with its bewitching concoction bubbling forth shadowy Italian/Turkish spirits enough to satiate one’s darker desires.

“this black magic is clouding my mind,
this black magic is preparing my end”


Chemical Waves’

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