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deadmau5 ~ My Heart Has Teeth (ft. Skylar Grey) [2⊘22]

We want our artists to be as we define them, not as they wish to be defined. Not unlike Robert Smith of The Cure not believing his music to be goth (see “Primary“), deadmau5 was not happy with being labeled a DJ either, despite being rated #5 on’s TOP100DJs in 2012. “I didn’t come up as a DJ, so I don’t play by DJ rules,” he stated. This ultimately a truth-in-advertising as his artistry does not match the simpler DJ characterization of someone who primarily mixes two records made by other artists using sound effects. deadmau5 makes his own unique music… when he is not enjoying video games.

“Music is 80 percent fun and 20 percent work.
Video games, for me, is all fun.”

So when he was approached by the Netflix team creating the new Resident Evil series soundtrack, it would seem a match made in heaven. He would draw on his vintage JUNO and Jupiter analog synths to build a grittier, more treacherously malevolent sound for the track he would submit. “‘Dystopian suburbia’ is the kind of vibe I had in mind when making this song.  It’s been pretty cool because I like that weird, corporate overtone of this entity that owns the village if you would. I just imagine what that would be like while roughly composing the song with of course the vocal accouterment of Ms. Skylar Grey. She’s an amazing talent to work with and she just nailed the lyrics.”

“You don’t have to give up to let go.”

deadmau5 in a cthul-aid t-shirt holding a sign with "FUCK OFF" written on it


Born Joel Thomas Zimmerman, deadmau5 (pronounced “deadmouse”) is the wildly popular band named for the dead mouse he once found in his computer during an attempted video card upgrade. The moniker caught on in the chat rooms where he shared the story; the unique spelling a happy accident of a maximum character limitation. His popular persona is that of a masked music artist, in the same vein as Marshmello and Daft Punk, only with two large round ears borne atop a stark-raving mouse head. The mask was never a necessity, as he had performed successfully without it, however, it certainly became iconic, building up brilliant brand recognition.

“I don’t believe there’s a cap on creativity and passion.”

His main game is EDM, dismissing its popular designation as Electronic Dance Music in favor of Event-Driven Marketing. “Disco evolved into Chicago warehouse. Then there was techno; eventually, it evolved into EDM.“The industry has always had a problem with the 18-to-25 market, but EDM is perfect – a unique identifier for a group in that mental and fiscal state; in their youth, but free to do whatever they want.” His music is an unavoidable consequence of clever marketing, strong business acumen, and a muscular musical talent built from years of hard work and dedication to his art. And he can play games anytime he wants.

“I’m just a little artsy-fartsy computer dude.”



Check out his Lamborghini Huracán… or rather his “Nyanborghini Purracan

5 thoughts on “deadmau5 ~ My Heart Has Teeth (ft. Skylar Grey) [2⊘22]

  1. Love me some deadmau5. I agree he evolved from typical DJ fare on Vexillology, 4×4=12, etc., For Lack of a Better Name, all fun albums to jam to, to a broadened electro moodscape heavily influenced by Nine Inch Nails on While(1<2), where I came to him. I'm not really a gamer, but my son has shoved his video games in my face for years since he loves an audience. I went "Whoaaaa, who is THAT?" in Goat Simulator and dug up "Petting Zoo" from deadmau5. I had to shell a little extra for my copy of While(1<2) just to get that cut on the special edition.

    I play the snot out of W:/2016Album/ in my car. Love love love that album. If I had an entrance theme, it would be "Snowcone" from that one.

    We watched the first RE episode on Netflix and I need to watch more if deadmau5 did the score. The show seemed okay, though we liked the CGI RE miniseries more.

    1. I’m still digging through his catalog; love EDM. Fittingly, deadmau5 goes by “Goat lord” on Twitter, lol. Checking out “Snowcone” and the rest of W:/2016Album/. Thanks, Ray. 💀

  2. I love the rolling simplicity, yet mesmerizing, feel of the music; I think I could put this song on a loop for a couple of days and still not tire of it. And Skylar Gray’s soft delivery of the lyrics blend in perfectly. I’ll have to dive deeper into deadmaus5’s music.
    I enjoyed your post—the handpicked details you provided were an excellent lead up to the video. 🖤

    1. I think that’s the most important part of the essay. Trying to find the right details to focus on. I’ve improved a lot on making that decision, but it still stops me up sometimes. I do a lot of research, and then I let my subconscious cogitate on it. Rinse and repeat until an idea occurs to me. deadmau5 has a MasterClass where he teaches others how to do what he does. He really knows his stuff, though he’s kind of a blunt person, being very matter-of-fact and all that. That said, he has an absolutely enormous discography that I’ve barely listened to. But I agree, this particular track is catchy-as-all-hell and mesmerizing, yes. Thank you for your comment, ladybird. 🖤

      1. You’re welcome, Rann.
        Last night, I watched some of his videos on YouTube after commenting. Like you said, he has a lot out there; what I listened to, I enjoyed. I would like a peek inside that brain. 😊🖤

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