Antoine Diligent ~ Nobody Loves U (WYL) [2⊘19]

Psych-pop Antoine Diligent is, in reality, New Jersey native (and Los Angeles musician) Anthony Polcino. “‘Antoine Diligent’ was a pseudonym I had in my back pocket since the days I was in Beat Club. I’ve been a musician in Los Angeles for more than twelve years, and, during that time, toured the United States and the UK repeatedly in venues varying in capacity sizes from fifty to five thousand, been a hired gun, a friend who plays for free, a stand-in, a stand-by, a songwriter, an engineer, a dive bar DJ, on late night tv shows, in magazines, signed, and dropped.  I’ve released a mélange of music in an array of projects as a co-founder, a band leader, a background nobody, and a solo artist (also a busboy, food runner, room service attendee, dental office assistant, clothing retail sales associate, and most recently, medicinal cannabis delivery driver).”

“In the midst of all this, I never felt any lack of inspiration or lost the will to create and most importantly– finish things.  I considered myself a diligent pupil of not only the art but of the adaptability to the events of life itself. I proclaimed myself ‘Anthony the Diligent!’ haha.  I had stayed the course, whenever that course was visible. ‘Antoine Diligent’ just sounded more… distinguished. Once I allowed myself to accept the name, I had the freedom to do anything under it. It helped me shed a lot of inhibitions I had musically and stylistically.

“Nobody Love U (WYL)”, states Polcino, “[is] an homage to the time in between the everyday hustle… the flip side of one’s outward image,” Polcino says of the track. “Home life, personal motivations, inner conflicts, just being… etc. The stuff seemingly no one wants to hear about, especially these days. The title similarities to John Lennon’s “Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down and Out)” are genuinely coincidental, but I’m of course fine with the fact he was the one who said it first. I updated it for shorter attention spans.”

The music is as bouncy clockwork-organs with swirly guitars entwined and encompassing gentle harmonies to a backdrop of 60s/70s induced psychedelia. It is a heartbreaking work of soothing, luscious melody enough to begin the healing anew.



Many of the quotes above are from the extensive interview of Polcino by Kaltblut-Magazine
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    1. Definitely hax that psychedelic vibe to it with requisite flashy/spinny lights, colors, and graphics. Thanks for sharing!

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