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Then Comes Silence – Good Friday

There’s a reason tradition sticks around, or is rediscovered — rituals ofttimes rock, as does this unbelievably-live version of “Good Friday” by THEN COMES SILENCE. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, TCS self-describes as “goth, psychedelica, rock, and post-punk in a symbiosis.” Per band leader Alex Svenson, this song is about the loss of his father and how his father occasionally visits him in his dreams. Tried-and-true, … Continue reading Then Comes Silence – Good Friday

Agnes Obel – Familiar

Heartfelt, deep and swimmingly smooth, such is this masterpiece of songwriting. In the comments, Wonder List states, “The chorus sounds like a male voice, but that’s actually Obel’s voice pitched-down and layered to make it sound ghostly – what she calls ‘secret singing’”. A song of our life now, that of love in cyberspace, love without bounds, but an alien love, oft without closeness or … Continue reading Agnes Obel – Familiar

Second Still – Untitled #3 (Live on

Untitled #3, AKA “Dancey”, is one of my favorite songs by Second Still, a group with influences from Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Cure, Bauhaus, et al. summing in their own unique tonal-vibration self-described as a melding of “French coldwave with the unconventional time signatures of No Wave”. Be sure to wait for it, the crazy build-up that starts at about the 4-minute mark, and … Continue reading Second Still – Untitled #3 (Live on