MISSIO ~ Failure To Comply [2⊘22]

There are three fundamental states of being [in relationships]: tyranny, slavery, or negotiation. Tyranny is always being able to do what you want. It is a life filled with cynicism, cruelty, and the “hell” of unregulated anger and impulsivity. On the opposite end, slavery is always agreeing to do what the other partner wants, leading to a build-up of anger and resentment. And one cannot help but take revenge on a tyrant, and maybe the worse thing a slave can do is be much less than they could be.

~ Jordan Peterson

Failure to comply,
That is what you’re known for.
Hands up to the skies,
Like an airplane, bulletproof.

missio are the ever-sharpened pencil that cuts with razor-like precision as it writes. Their music, a blended artistry of perfect song structures, captivating chord arrangements, and crazy-catchy hooks bent-demented, still squarely straight. A courage to color outside the lines and dis-balance us with an unprovoked, yet ever-creative edginess.

Previously shared track ‘#gimmeakiss‘ duplicates the intensity of this tune, but is different in nearly every other aspect. Where this track exudes a downtrodden moody melancholy, the other is a danceable stampede to wild abandon. Where this track is ice-cold relationship-centric, the other is an orgasmic explosion in joie de vivre (fr. joy of life). Both videos stunning portraits of their namesakes, simply yet starkly portraying near-visceral interpretations of their individual motifs for our pleasure.

All you do is pray for me,
My hands, they tend to shake.
What do you expect from me?
My grip, it slips away.

The song’s subject of compliance is the grease between us, without which the friction builds in both favorable and unfavorable ways. The proverbial dual-edged sword. ‘Failure To Comply’ seems to speak of one that not only does not comply in their relationship, but does so in a deliberately destructive fashion designed to foster animosity, even condemnation, to a sadly unfortunate end.

This whole time I’ve been here,
Your own mood, it sets the tone.
What do you expect from me?
We’ve got a lot to lose



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