Kill Shelter and Agent Side Grinder members posing in black and white portraits with black rectangles covering their eyes

Kill Shelter ~ The Necklace (ft. Agent Side Grinder) [2⊘22]

Kill Shelter is the highly-talented UK-based alternative artist and producer Pete Burns. His unique work blends elements of Post-Punk and contemporary Electronica with heavily processed guitars. He is perhaps best known for his numerous collaborations with other cult artists including Christian Death, She Past Away, Ash Code, and Ronny Moorings of Clan Of Xymox, as well as some of the finest emerging underground talents like Antipole, Hante, Buzz Kull, Bragolin, and The Shyness of Strangers, with most featured on his albums ‘Damage‘ andAsylum‘.

In the mattress,
A hidden seed.
The tiny remnant,
Of our last feed.

[This] new single with Agent Side Grinder is very reflective of the overall tone of [sophomore] album [Asylum]. All the tracks delve into different interpretations of the word asylum and highlight challenging themes such as human trafficking, domestic abuse, seeking refuge, disillusionment, bedlam and redemption. It definitely has a dark energy.

Pete Burns, Kill Shelter
Dark blue and black photo of Pete Burns of Kill Shelter holding a microphone and wearing dark sunglasses.

Renowned for their use of analog synthesis and innovative recording techniques, Agent Side Grinder is a Swedish electronic band formed in 2005. The band consists of Johan Lange, Peter Fristedt, and Emanuel Åström and their music has been described as a mix of Post-Punk, Industrial, and Dark Electro. Their amazing single ‘Stripdown’ being happily featured here.

The necklace getting longer,
Each waking night,
As the pain is getting stronger

The Necklace is a metaphorical vehicle for building personal resilience when dealing with violence and abuse on a daily basis. We had a shared vision for both the song and the video and it is a collaboration in the truest sense of the word.

Johan Lange, Agent Side Grinder

Taken from Kill Shelter’s highly-anticipated album ‘Asylum’, The Necklace is a darkly energetic exploration of the quest for personal sanctuary in the face of constant physical and mental abuse. With every bruise, every whip, every punch, a seed for the necklace is strung, every dream, every desire, every wish, yet another. The necklace, taut with physical and mental tortures, enough to strengthen and inflame a righteous fury, enough to break bars and chains, enough to escape and quench freedom’s thirst once more. Enough.

“In my pocket,
Another seed.
In times of sorrow,
In timеs of need.”


Kill Shelter’s

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  1. This song has a driving beat that pairs well with the lyrics. A whole lot of hurt going down in this old world—and always has.

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