R. Missing ~ Kelly Was A Philistine [2⊘17]

At first glance, what appears to be a song about a child kidnapping rapidly morphs otherwise. In fact, what the song really seems to be about is rather mysterious and cryptic, also perhaps unsurprisingly describing the song’s architects, New York’s “duo-inscrutable”, R. Missing, their song “Unsummering” previously featured here.

“She’s not on the playground, Been missing for days
She’s going away now, It’s obvious
This is her serious phase”

In a radio broadcast in October of 1939, Sir Winston Churchill declared, “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key...” Not dissimilar to Matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls), the song’s indecipherability might be a function of the layering and merging of various concepts. Each seemingly simple explanation leads to another, wrapping back on themselves at times, envisioning a torus, a constrictor knot, perchance a noose.


I found her face down, Looking up at space
She’s going away now, Her eyes are closed
Today won’t be the day

One explanation appears to be a duality with the singer and “Kelly” being one and the same, reflecting the former viewing the latter as dying by suicide, or perhaps by internal evolution, with name “Kelly” of Irish/Gaelic origin appropriately meaning “strife, war”. Though the distance between the two personalities might not be singular or even death-defying. Maybe instead a purely surface relationship between a simpleton and an intellectual. Whatever the true meaning, it is clear from the viewpoint of the narrator, “Kelly” appears to be on an upward, if unhappy, trajectory.

With bleakly monotone-delivered lyrics, and a shimmery droning resonance humming throughout, the most surprising thing about the song may be its arcane addictiveness seemingly stemming from the more vocally varied haunting chorus, once implanted, being deeply entombed.

Our acquaintance was pleasant, Right ’til the end
But she’s going away now, Is she ready?
She nodded her head


R. Missing’s

Causeway’s recent release “Wear The Night Out” features R. Missing
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      1. I’ve been on WordPress a long time and I’ve been reading your stuff for years. You have a gift and a unique writing style which seems impossible in the social media age. I consider both you and Jai friends and I am grateful we crossed paths Thank You for the content and the positivity.😈

      2. I consider myself truly blessed to have friends like you and jai. Thank you for the kind words, Stephen. Careful, or you’ll give me a big(ger) head, lol. 💀

  1. Well this one has me stumped, Rann. I like the overall sound, the voice and music, but as for the lyrics, the best I can come up with is suicide. But…it doesn’t seem to quite fit, a size off, so to speak. I always enjoy reading your impressions; you’re very insightful in deducing meaning. 🖤

    1. I appreciate your insights as well. Your perceptions often serve as an adjunct to my own. The more I listen to the song, the more I think it’s about the shedding of childhood beliefs and simple distractions for the sobering clarity of reality and the mourning of that loss/gain. It still doesn’t fit exactly though, which keeps the song captivating. Thank you, as always, jai. 🖤

      1. Only the songwriter knows for certain, and that’s the beauty of it. We can interpret it however it speaks to us.
        As always, my pleasure, Rann. 🖤

      2. Just thought to look up the meaning of the name “Kelly”. It is of Irish/Gaelic origin and means “strife, war”. Updated the post to reflect this should’ve-been-previously-discovered discovery. 🖤

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