Kim Dracula image taken from video Make Me Famous tweaked to look more horrific with mouth wide

Kim Dracula ~ Make Me Famous [2⊘22]

As we all know, there are real vampires. They sleep in coffins during the day, cannot be seen in mirrors, can shapeshift into bats at will, have long sharp canine teeth, and survive by laying waste to human subjects at night by sucking them dry of blood or turning them. There may also be emotional or energy vampires (see ingenious What We Do in the Shadows). These may be toxic positivists, drama queens (or kings), unshakeable narcissists, unstoppable talkers, control freaks, or proper fucking critics. And then there is Kim Dracula.

Listen closely to the words in this song
I’m betting a lot of people never had a place they belong

Samuel Wellings entered the music scene in native Hobart, Tasmania, playing trap metal/hardcore in band Jesterpose in 2017, later going solo under moniker Kim Dracula and embracing a more pop/metal/screamo sound. Soon after, he hit it big publishing a metal cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on TikTok in 2020, with a subsequent torrent of praise and press mimicking his remake’s rising popularity. At one million plays, he released a celebratory TikTok video with the caption, “This is only the beginning ❤️”, quickly becoming their second most followed Australian personality, only being eclipsed by Sia.

Headshot of Kim Dracula in black garb with long blonde/black hair


“Give ‘еm a platform for doing something evil
‘You better not look at me wrong, ’cause I’ma mess you up for real'”

Dracula’s second release, “Make Me Famous”, is a devastatingly-clever twisty/turny rollercoaster ride of atrocities with blackly comedic intermissions. The mixing of differing musical styles, while adding to the “fun factor”, serves to better emphasize the darker elements by increasing the levity just prior to piledriving the horror home, causing the listener to suffer a form of see-saw sonic whiplash. The message seems conversely clear; those toxic souls that would sacrifice the lives of others, for future selfish media-meted infamy, deserve denial in anonymity and to languish with the dead in the shadows for eternity.

“I love to play, I love to cause damage
It’s what these useless idiots deserve
Soon I’ll be praised for causing havoc
That’s why I signed up to protect and to serve”


Kim Dracula cursive logo in shite and red


Nod to previously featured Palaye Royale’s The New American Dream

7 thoughts on “Kim Dracula ~ Make Me Famous [2⊘22]

  1. Very cool indeed, Maryanne! I wasn’t sure anyone would recognize Kim Dracula prior to this introduction. I understand he’s about to release a full album here very soon… Thanks for sharing. 💀

  2. The video is enough to give me nightmares. I get the message, but…he/she/it is too loud, too violent, too out there, definitely not someone I’d care to listen to very often.
    Guess I’m showing my age. 🙄🖤

    1. LOL, yes, it’s hyper-aggressive and more reminiscent of 90s music video styles. I love how impactful it is, but understand it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts, ladybird. 🖤

      1. Yes, everyone has different—and evolving—musical taste. Until recently, I never though I’d care for Leonard Cohen, but I have now fallen in love with him. This video of him singing “Closing Time” I can watch on a loop: It metaphorically tells a story of a failed relationship.
        Also, love “In My Secret Life”, as well as “You Want it Darker”. 🖤

      2. “Screamo” certainly isn’t the most popular type of music (as evidenced by the rampant popularity of this particular post). I’m not normally very fond of it either. I also have learned through you the merits of Cohen’s music, and other tracks that I simply adore now that I’d never heard of before. Thank you for sharing more now too, ladybird. I’ll happily check them out. 🖤

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