Cannons ~ Tunnel Of You [2⊘22]

I was and still am a sucker for pure, unadulterated synthpop. From Abba and Bee Gees disco to new wave Duran Duran to the murmurings of industrial Depeche Mode and the revitalized Victorian gothicality of Siouxsie and the Banshees. It may seem like a progression away from pop, but in actuality, it is simply a fork-in-the-road diffusion between light and darkness. Both are still appealing and mixtures of the two sometimes bleed heart-happy darkness.

Electro-pop, synth-wave, dream-pop band Cannons has a knack for churning out gentle near-gossamer earwormy goodness. The Los Angeles band formed in 2013 and is composed of lead singer Michelle Joy, guitarist Ryan Clapham, and keyboardist/bassist Paul Davis. Their eight-year success story would begin to ramp up just prior to the COVID crisis and end up solidifying in 2022 with the release of album Fever Dream from whence a number of their catchiest singles have originated including “Tunnel of You”.

In speaking about the album, Joy says: “Fever Dream represents everything Cannons is. There are some lonely songs, some longing songs, and some love songs. Over the last couple of years, writing lifted our spirits and provided a medium to escape reality. These songs kept us going, so I hope people will find a piece of themselves inside of the record. I’ve realized how important it is to feel connected to others and hope this album helps everyone feel a little less alone.” 

“Tunnel of You” resonates with a sultry synth and blended elements of 70s Fleetwood Mac with 80s pop sensibilities played on 20s revised heartstrings. It is a sensuous love song stream-of-consciousness drifting relaxingly along the eddies and brook ripples of life’s waterways with nary a whitewater witness. Pillow soft and luxurious, it serves as a reminder that not all love is complicated — sometimes it is simply joyfully dark synthpop.



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6 thoughts on “Cannons ~ Tunnel Of You [2⊘22]

    1. I love them too and WANT to see them in concert! Nice to know that when I do it’ll be worth it. 😁💀

  1. Wow, what a great song; very dreamy. Your description is spot on. And I’d like to add, it also has elements of the song “Wicked Game.” Thanks!

    1. Chris Isaak is another fav of mine. And spot on with “Wicked Game” too. Those haunting synth washes, definitely. Thanks for sharing, Maryanne! 💀

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