Gravenhurst ~ I turn my face to the forest floor [2⊘⊘5]

I never listened to Hüsker Dü, but probably should have. They were popular with the college kids when I was in my twenties. One of their songs, an oddly popular, if pitch-black one, named “Diane” would be remade by singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas John Talbot, aka Gravenhurst. The lyrics begin by telling the story … Continue reading Gravenhurst ~ I turn my face to the forest floor [2⊘⊘5]

Thom Yorke from Radiohead vfideo Street Spirit.

Radiohead ~ Street Spirit (Fade Out) [2⊘15]

The music video for “Street Spirit” was filmed over two nights in a desert outside Los Angeles. Directed by Jonathan Glazer, he described it as a “turning point” for his work, feeling that Radiohead had “found their own voices as an artist” and that “I got close to whatever mine was … Continue reading Radiohead ~ Street Spirit (Fade Out) [2⊘15]

MISSIO ~ Failure To Comply [2⊘22]

There are three fundamental states of being [in relationships]: tyranny, slavery, or negotiation. Tyranny is always being able to do what you want. It is a life filled with cynicism, cruelty, and the “hell” of unregulated anger and impulsivity. On the opposite end, slavery is always agreeing to do what the other partner wants, leading to a build-up of anger and … Continue reading MISSIO ~ Failure To Comply [2⊘22]

RÜFÜS DU SOL ~ Alive [2⊘21]

A central tenet of Buddhism is that ‘life is suffering”, or at least it seemed to be. Since Buddha is believed to have lived 2,600 years ago, the actual word he is supposed to have used was dukkha not suffering, with a very rough (and quite arguable) translation to ephemeral or temporal … Continue reading RÜFÜS DU SOL ~ Alive [2⊘21]

Ductape ~ Sevmiyor (Doesn’t Love You Anymore) [2⊘21]

Mother Nature, Earth’s God, the Savior of Gaia is forgiving to a point. She tolerates our imperfection infection but also punishes us with abandon sans remorse. She is the blind force of nature, the genuine karmic distributor of purest retribution based on natural laws we … Continue reading Ductape ~ Sevmiyor (Doesn’t Love You Anymore) [2⊘21]