Photo of Ductape bandmember Çağla Güleray bathed in black/red light from music video Kara Buyu.

Chemical Waves ~ Kara Büyü (Black Magic) ft. Ductape [2⊘22]

Roman darkwave/coldwave project Chemical Waves guitarist Marco Cattani collaborated with previously featured band Ductape (see track Sevmiyor) to create Kara Büyü, a favorite from his fourth album ‘I (When We Were Full Of Hope)’. Says Marco in an interview with … Continue reading Chemical Waves ~ Kara Büyü (Black Magic) ft. Ductape [2⊘22]

Twin Tribes ~ Shadows [2⊘18]

Twin Tribes’ ‘Shadows’ is ostensibly a kidnapping/snuff video set to an anthemic 80s-era new wave gothic soundtrack. Not for naught, or is it? These aren’t supposed vampires, they have no sharply-elongated canines to speak of and so the entire video endeavor seems driven by a coldly craven lust for murder power. A savage depiction of blood lust horror, wet raw, well-done, and tastefully end-credit-sated. “This time of night feels like … Continue reading Twin Tribes ~ Shadows [2⊘18]

Ductape ~ Sevmiyor (Doesn’t Love You Anymore) [2⊘21]

Mother Nature, Earth’s God, the Savior of Gaia is forgiving to a point. She tolerates our imperfection infection but also punishes us with abandon sans remorse. She is the blind force of nature, the genuine karmic distributor of purest retribution based on natural laws we … Continue reading Ductape ~ Sevmiyor (Doesn’t Love You Anymore) [2⊘21]

Ministry ~ (Every Day Is) Halloween (Acoustic) [2⊘19]

That is a quite recent photo of “Grandpa” Al Jourgensen (born Alejandro Ramírez Casas) the Cuban-American singer, musician, producer, and founder of numerous bands including, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, and 1000 Homo DJs. “Well, I live with snakes and lizards, And other things … Continue reading Ministry ~ (Every Day Is) Halloween (Acoustic) [2⊘19]

Queens Of The Stone Age ~ Head Like A Haunted House [2⊘18]

Best known to fans as QOTSA, Queens Of The Stone Age is a rock-heavy alternative band with occasional gothic tendencies as evidenced by this artfully-rendered/darkfully-influenced magickal deep dive into lead singer Josh Homme’s haunted (yet hallowed) headcheese … Continue reading Queens Of The Stone Age ~ Head Like A Haunted House [2⊘18]