JUNKSISTA ~ Life Is Unfair (& Love Is A Bitch) [2⊘13]

Of this music video’s most striking elements:
– A half-chest bloodied dress
– A perused skin mag
– A man of dilly-dallying disinterest
– A little red riding hood / big bad wolf metaphor
– A contents-yet-unknown basket (The End, isn’t)
– A box of multi-flavored jellybeans
And a slyly-lurking siren closely astride throughout.

Maybe it’s an awakening. A realization that one is perhaps a non-special, a boor, an expectant accustomed to receiving sans giving, or a perceived victim of circumstance with the latter perhaps self-reinforcing a pitiable incongruity with our world-reality. A simple belief that someone somewhere has been given gratis what dreams another must struggle/strive for further juxtaposed against one with higher perceived value, an aloof narcissist capable of astonishing self-aggrandizement to the heartless defect of others (unattainability is so hawt).

The video is cleverly arranged as an apparent dream-sequence of life from the protagonist’s viewpoint post-awakening to her state-of-affairs. This assembled for your pleasure by JUNKSISTA, made up of the multi-talented Diana S. and Boog hailing from South Germany and self-described as loving to explore genres ranging from good old 80s dance through laidback electro and harsher sounds while lyrically jumping from dark/deep/meaningful to silly/dirt/hilarious without blushing.

Standing for “music that will make you explore the dance floor, the dark places in your heart, and the wet ones in your pants.

The antagonist, a fickle man sporting a catalog of dream conquests, a veritable pornocopia (‘I don’t feel pretty and I don’t feel fine.‘) A picnic basket of untasty shattered dreams (‘I miss all the things that used to be mine.‘) An-other woman hoveringly-detached (‘I don’t want to be me I wanna be cool.‘) A presumption that life should be run with a self-favorable fairness-algorithm (‘I don’t wanna work and I don’t wanna go to school. I see happiness but only on TV.’) Life is just a heart-shaped box of veritable jelly beans (‘Should I still hope someday it will be me?‘)

Why can’t I be thin, smart, loved, and rich?
Cuz life is unfair and love is a bitch.

Go ahead, just eat your heart out.

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