Agnes Obel – Familiar

Heartfelt, deep and swimmingly smooth, such is this masterpiece of songwriting. In the comments, Wonder List states, “The chorus sounds like a male voice, but that’s actually Obel’s voice pitched-down and layered to make it sound ghostly – what she calls ‘secret singing’”. A song of our life now, that of love in cyberspace, love without bounds, but an alien love, oft without closeness or … Continue reading Agnes Obel – Familiar

Date at Midnight – Waves

Riding waves of emotion harkening back to a yesteryear all but forgotten, DaM pushes an unforgiving ocean of sound punctuated with restrained angst. The thrill of reaching out and being one with nature, in light and in darkness, at once both beautiful and frightening. More here: Continue reading Date at Midnight – Waves

Handful of Snowdrops – Dead City

H|O|S has been around since 1984 and for good reason, their music resonates bittersweetly and contains more than its fair share of infectious hooks. In this more recent track, the stark imagery of the cemetary and its inhabitants laid to rest is juxtaposed with the beauty of the life of the listener. Be sure to at least listen to timecode 1:13 where this tune lifts … Continue reading Handful of Snowdrops – Dead City